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Review: Ian’s Soy Cheesy French Bread Pizza March 27, 2008

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Last month when I made my trip to Whole Foods (hey, I know how to live it up on Valentine’s Day, eh?) I picked up a box of Ian’s Soy Cheesy French Bread Pizza to try.  To be honest, I did not think I would be the one trying it.  I thought I’d force it on one of the kids when I thought they were hungry enough to eat at least one piece.  My experience with store-bought, gluten-free pizza, has been unpleasant to say the least. 

Today, however, I was hungry enough (and out of anything interesting for lunch) so I popped the two small pieces into the oven and figured that if I didn’t eat it my dh was sure to–he’ll eat anything, he always fell for those “starving children in China” lines his parents gave him. 😉

Well, I’ll be picking up a few more boxes of this on my next trip.  It was, by far, the best GF pizza I’ve ever had.  The bread was nice and crispy and, to be honest, it tasted fairly close to it’s glutenous counterpart.   The two small pieces were just enough for a lunch, if that’s all you’re eating.  You could split with one other person if you have a salad or something else with it.  I would recommend the full cook-time of 20 minutes else it will be still a bit chilly in the middle.


Dining at Chili’s–Gluten-Free February 22, 2008

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We took the whole family out on Tuesday to finally see how Chili’sGF menu was.  It’s actually not too bad for a non-picky 4 yo Celiac.  They had their kids’ burger & cheeseburger (sans bun, obviously) & ribs on the menu.  There were quite a few other interesting picks.  For the picky eater, however, there is corn, on or off the cob.  Dismay 

They were very accommodating, printing out the menu for us when we asked and making, maybe a bit too sure, we didn’t get anything that wasn’t on the menu.  The waitress was looking for the chocolate shake under “beverages” and wouldn’t let our son have one ‘cuz she couldn’t find it, it’s actually under “desserts.”

My dh will vouch for the taste of the loaded mashed potatoes & Memphis Dry-Rub ribs and I’ll do the same for the Salmon w/Garlic & Herbs.  Their veggies were also delish.  I asked for a side of butter ‘cuz sometimes restaurants like this have kinda gross veggies, but they didn’t need it.  They were steamed perfectly.

All in all, this is our new fave restaurant.  It’s too bad they don’t have one closer or we’d order ahead and eat there on our necessary Wednesday’s. 

Review: Glutino Crackers February 6, 2008

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We ordered these with our Baby Mum-Mum order and received them today.  In appearance, they are round, like a Ritz, but they look like they would taste more like a saltine.  The texture is somewhere between the two.  I think our Celiac would have been happier if we’d had some “cow cheese” to put on them, he passed them onto his dad.  Of course, it might just have been because I was serving him his mac-n-cheese at the same time.  The rest of the taste testers liked them.  I think they definitely are a good replacement for either Ritz or saltines.

Creole Crabmeat Casserole February 3, 2008

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Since a few people have asked for this recipe I thought I’d post it up now that we’ve tested it.  It is originally from Nearly Normal Cooking, etc., and I modified it for what is available where I live.

2-6 oz cans crabmeat
1.5 c. instant, uncooked rice
1/2 onion, chopped (you can put more, I don’t care for onion so I always half the recipe)
1/2 green, orange, red and/or yellow pepper (if you love peppers use the “and” option)
12 oz g-f tomato-based soup
2 TBSP olive oil
2 TBSP Worcestershire sauce
(she called for 1 tsp. Tabasco or other hot sauce as well, but I’m not into hot sauce)
1 tsp salt
15 oz can chopped tomatoes
1 c. shredded cheese (this is optional and she calls for Mozzarella, but I just used what I had on hand)


Preheat oven to 325F.

Combine all ingredients except cheese and place in a greased casserole dish. Cover with foil and bake for 35 minutes. Add shredded cheese and cook, uncovered for an additional five minutes.

Review:  I loved this recipe.  It’s super easy to make and tastes (and smells) absolutely delish.  This one will go into my semi-regular rotation.

Review: Baby Mum-Mum–Original Flavor January 28, 2008

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Since we have decided to keep our newest baby completely GF we are not able to give him biter biscuits. All my prior children practically lived on biters when they were teething. Unfortunately, it is apparently not cost effective to make GF biter biscuits. I searched for a while then finally found some information on the posting board at Gluten Free Forum about Baby Mum-Mum.   While, this product is very tasty it’s not a direct substitute for the typical biter biscuit.  The plus (and minus) is that they pretty much melt in the baby’s mouth.  Great for choking problems, not so great for helping out when teething.  However, it really seems the perfect first “finger food” when you are trying to keep your baby GF.  Our baby really likes them and would seem to prefer to make a meal out of them than his normal food.

Review: Glutino GF Baguettes January 9, 2008

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Good, really, really, really good.  It was so nice to have baguette again after two years of none.  It’s not as crunchy, of course, as the real thing but it’s nice and tasty.  I suppose if I cook it longer next time it could get slightly crunchy?  Either way, I’m gonna stock up at our next WF trip in February.  All the kids ate it.  Our picky, but carbaholic, eater had half a loaf, I think.

I prepared it by slicing it lengthwise and covering each side thickly with garlic butter made from one part Lawry’s Garlic Spread & two parts margarine.  I cooked it in the toaster oven, which it fits into perfectly, for about 10 minutes at 350.

There are two loaves in a bag so I think the price was pretty good for what you get, which in a family of 6 is one loaf/meal.

Review: Cherrybrook Kitchen Vanilla Frosting Mix January 6, 2008

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Our Celiac’s birthday is on Christmas Eve.  I really didn’t feel like going to Henry’s for his cake mix AND make another trip to the “real” store just for icing so I thought we’d give this mix a go.  It would have been better to stand in a two hour line at the real store than to have ever made this.  “Crap” is just too good a word for how this stuff tastes.  You couldn’t get better results from mixing half a pound of butter and another half pound of powdered sugar.  That’s exactly what it tastes like, butter and powdered sugar.  (Which is pretty much all that is in it.)  On top of that, as with all “organic” food, this box of mix costs a whole heck of a lot.  Then they require 2.5 sticks of butter to make it.  The total cost to make this icing comes in at well over $5 (between $6 or 7 if you use Alta-Dena butter like we do) and it only covers one small cake.  But nothing makes a kid happier than really gross icing, so the kids loved it.  Of course, we are talking about people, after all, who think McDonald’s food is as gourmet as it gets.


Review: Blue Diamond Nut Thins December 13, 2007

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‘Cuz I’ve been too busy to cook (In & Out, that’s what GF dining is all about) and because I intend to transfer all my old GF stuff from my other blog anyway, I am going to post a review I wrote in June. I will be cooking tomorrow hopefully. 

Since writing this review, these crackers have become our Celiac’s favorite.  It’s one of the only foods he will eat consistently.


I can’t even remember now where I first learned about these crackers but I picked some up for the first time a few weeks ago. We have tried the Cheddar and the Smokehouse and have liked both of them. They are now on my weekly shopping list. The nice thing about these is they are a “normal” product which means I can get coupons for them and I can buy them at the regular store for less than they sell them at Henry’s. We like to eat them with some type of soft cheese. The kids like the cow wedges (can’t remember the name of them and it’s too hot to walk from the desk to the kitchen to find out–96 degrees at 6pm). The only thing to remember is they will stay fresher if you put them into a zippy bag after opening them.

Review: Cherrybrook Kitchen GF Sugar Cookie Mix December 11, 2007

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After his meltdown at Albertson’s Christmas Cookie table this morning, I promised my little Celiac that we’d make up some sugar cookies and use the cutters to make them star shape.  I knew I had this mix in the pantry and hoped it would be like regular sugar cookie dough so we could roll it out and use the cutters.  Unfortunately it was a bit too sticky for rolling so I told him we’d make Christmas balls instead.

After mixing it up I had a taste of the dough and was a bit concerned to find it was the typical GF grainy texture.  That texture does not appear in the baked cookie though.  We all really liked them.  They are not nice and flat like regular sugar cookies, they came out kind of bumpy.  The kids didn’t seem to notice that, especially after they smothered them in Christmas icing & sprinkles (blech!).  I had a plain one (as well, hehe) and definitely think this is a good mix to have around to make some cookies up quick…you know, after your 3yo Celiac melts down in the grocery store ‘cuz he can’t have any of the Christmas cookies. 🙂

Review: Whole Foods GF Bake House Pie Crust December 7, 2007

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As you can see in my shopping links, we do make a trip to Whole Foods now and then.  It’s about an hour away from our house but near my OB, so when I’m pregnant we go monthly, when I’m not we probably go quarterly.  Now, Whole Foods has it’s own line of GF products that is pretty tasty, not to mention awfully pricey.  If you are ever in a Whole Foods and walk by the freezer section and hear someone muttering a curse about the prices, that’s probably me.  I suppose that’s why I kept rechecking the price for the pie crusts.  Two in a package was, when I bought them, a mere $5.99.  Yeah, yeah, I know that’s pricey too but that’s the way GF food is.  At any rate, I decided it was time for our dear little Celiac to finally get a taste of Pumpkin Pie so I purchased the pack.  I made the pie this past Monday and it was gone by Wednesday morning.  Slow for Pumpkin Pie in our house but, not surprisingly, the kids didn’t like it.  There just wasn’t enough sugar in the pumpkin part, I suppose.  I used organic pumpkin and you could taste more pumpkin than sweet.  My oldest son (the only child in the family who can tell the difference between filling and crust) said he didn’t like the crust at all but both my husband and I were quite pleased with it.  I felt the consistency was at least as good as, or better than, the pie crusts used in commercial pies.  I, myself, haven’t made a pie crust since our son was diagnosed so I have not a huge recollection of what homemade crust should be like, but neither do my children.  If you are new to the GF diet, you may not care for it much, most GF food is definitely an acquired taste.  (Is that correct grammar?)

On the whole (no pun intended) I would give it at least 4.5 stars out of 5.  Being cautious, just in case I come across a better product at some point. ;0)