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Menu Monday March 31, 2008

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Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Lemons

The ingredient of the week is lemon.  When I shared this info with my eldest the first words I heard were, “Good, we can have salmon.” Followed shortly by, “And lemon smoothies.” 😀  Next to bananas, lemons are the fave fruit around here.  Seriously, the kids eat them raw, sans sucre.

Monday–Salmon w/ Yogurt-Lemon Sauce (modified from this recipe), Peas, Baguette

Tuesday–Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread, Lemon Strawberry Smoothie (modified from this recipe)

Wednesday–McD’s–There was a day when this sounded like a good dinner.  Since I’ve been cooking at home even In-N-Out tastes blech, so McD’s is way down there.

Thursday–Shrimp and Tofu in Lemon Sauce, Stir-Fry Veggies

Friday–Tacos, Corn

Saturday–This weeks “borrowed” recipe is from AprovecharSF, GF Sorta Thai, etc. that I think I’ve made before but maybe I was just imagining ‘cuz the first time I read the recipe it sounded very good and I was very hungry.  It could have been a dream…

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Menu Monday March 17, 2008

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Third edit: Yep, it really is going to be one of those weeks.  First I forget it’s Easter, then I forget where the menu swap is being held.  I give up on the rest, declare the week to be a complete wash and will go off to take a nice long nap.   Pillow OK, that was a nice thought anyway.  Instead I’ll load the troops into the van and go off to piano lessons. Piano 


This is going to be one of those weeks when I just don’t get many naps.  Shoot, I’m even going to have to get up before 8 every day.  I don’t know how I’ll make it. hehehe. 

Monday–Tacos, Corn, Fruit Never got to the store.  Ended up with Cheepizza instead.

Tuesday–Widow’s Dinner–No, I’m not a widow but my dh is a Deacon so we attend a dinner they have for the widow’s (and widower’s) in our church. (Still debating this.  We’ll see how I feel at the end of the day.)

Wednesday–Drive-thru McD’s.  Yes, it’s gotten so bad we can’t even have a sit down meal at McD’s. lol. 

Thursday–Curry Tofu Crumble–my “borrowed” recipe for this week is from Adventures of a Digestive Diva.  Hey, she loves to dance so her food must be the best. 🙂

Friday–Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread

Saturday–We’re going to attempt last Saturday’s recipe again.  I’ve been so busy I am going to skip Tristan and Isolde (sniff) and just take it easy.

Sunday–Oh, that’s right, it’s Easter.  I guess we’ll do something Easter-ish.  Although, I’d prefer just take my two oldest to go see John Williams.  Why do they have all this stuff on a holiday weekend?

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Menu Monday March 10, 2008

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Airplane A week and a half ago I was called away suddenly and, as I was packing, I realized I hadn’t stayed home for a full week for nearly the whole month of February.  Fortunately, the rest of March looks clear.  Travelling doesn’t favor my digestive system and travelling to the middle of nowhere (Central AL) doesn’t favor a gluten-free diet.  Boy I sure feel for folks outside the city now.  I’m truly spoiled.  Fortunately, I did not have to take my Celiac on the trip.  Next time I will, but we’ll have time then to get to the Whole Foods near Birmingham so the kid won’t starve.  

 Chef Another way I’m spoiled is all the gluten-free blogs I have found.  I joke that I don’t need to buy any more cookbooks, I can just use the recipes I find online.  I tend to get overwhelmed easily, however, by all the recipes available and trying to figure out when to use which one.  I’ve decided the remedy for this is to just go down my GF Blog list and try a recipe from each blog.  To this end A Gluten Free Guide (and her new blogsite) will be my first.  I was tempted by her French Apple Pie recipe but I thought my dh might balk at buying a $150 pan just to make a pie.  (Is there a gift giving holiday coming up? lol)  Instead I thought I’d try her Seared Pork Tenderloin with Cocoa Spice Rub.  I’ve always wanted an excuse to buy one of those fancy sea salts I see at Henry’s and Sprouts, and since sea salt seems to be less expensive than cooking pans…

 Take Out I’m also going to finally make Chop Suey.  I fell in love with this dish shortly before I discovered that the sodium intake of the restaurant food was causing me to poof up like the Goodyear blimp.  Seriously, I lost 20lbs just from water retention after we stopped eating out.  Scary, eh?  (I discovered as well, that, not unusually, the docs were wrong, I wasn’t carrying my weight in my gut and therefore predisposed to a heart attack, instead, I’m actually equally fat all over. :-D)

 Computing Well, enough chitter-chatter, the kids need the computer for school.  And I should really go and do something exciting like clean the kitchen.  Don’t forget to check out all the other GF Menu ideas this week at Gluten Free Mommy.

 Pasta Monday–Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread

 Cow Tuesday–Beef Stroganoff, Salad, Fruit

 Taco Wednesday–Tacos, Corn, Fruit

 Ni Hao Thursday–Chop Suey, Rice

 Chicken Friday–Crock-pot Chicken, Rice, Stir-Fry Veggies

 Pig 2 Saturday–Seared Pork Tenderloin, French Green Beans, Bread

 Church Sunday–Leftovers

Menu Monday February 18, 2008

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Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

Chocolate?!?  The ingredient of the week last week was chocolate?!?  Man, what a week to take a vacation.  Cry Baby 

This weeks menu’s are hosted at Gluten Free Sox Fan’s Blog.  That’s as good as chocolate.  Well, unless you’re a Yankees fan, but if you are, why are you reading my blog?   Go Red Sox! 

Monday–Homemade Pizza with salad and Glutino Baguettes (yep, we’ve been to Whole Foods…actually, that was part of our vacation.   Weird, I know)

Tuesday–Don’t really know yet.  We have to eat out for sure so maybe we can find a Chili’s near where we’ll be.

Wednesday–Grilled Cheese (using Whole Foods Sandwich Bread) & fruit

Thursday–Beef Stroganoff with Roasted Butternut Squash with Sage (Will make an attempt at True Yeast Bread from GF Gourmet as well)

Friday–Spaghetti with veggies

Saturday–Tamale Casserole with salad and corn


Stir-Fry Beef with Orange Sauce February 6, 2008

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This is a nice replacement to my fave beef recipe from the chinese restaurant we always used to eat at in our pre-gf days.  Everyone liked this recipe.  Man, that’s a rare moment.  Barely modified from The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy by Bette Hagman.

1 lb. stir-fry beef (or lean bottom round steak cut across the grain into 1/4″ strips)
1 orange
2 TBSP, vegetable oil
4 green onions (I used only 2, of course) chopped
1 clove garlic, minced
2 TBSP apple cider vinegar
1 TBSP gluten free soy sauce
10 drops sesame oil (I have absolutely no idea how to get drops out of these new tops so I used about 1/4 tsp)
1 1/2 tsp orange zest
1 TBSP honey
1 large handful snow peas (and I mean LARGE)
1 large handful sliced button mushrooms (ditto that–unless you are under 35, then you can copy that)
2 tsp cornstarch dissolved in 1/4 c water

After grating rind to make zest, cut ornage and extract the juice until you have 1/4 c. (I just used all the juice.)

In a wok or large frypan, heat 1 TBSP oil. Add beef and stir-fry until the meat is browned, about 2 minutes. Remove to a bowl.

Add the last TBSP oil, heat, and add the onions, stir-frying for about 1 minute, or until softened slightly. Add garlic and cook another minute. Return meat to the pan.

Add orange juice, vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, orange zest, honey, peas, and mushrooms. Cook about 2 minutes longer. Stir in cornstarch dissoved in watter and cook until the sauce boils and thickens. Serve over beds of white rice.

Menu Monday February 5, 2008

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Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

Had the best shopping experience in my gluten-free life.  Went to Sprout’s on Friday and discovered that they have started carrying a whole lot more GF food.  Best of all, they are stocking K-Toos (both choco & van).  These are our Celiac’s fave.  He just loves being able to eat “Oreos” like everyone else.  I hope this trend continues.  If so, we may never have to make another trip to Whole Foods. 🙂

Alright, on with the menu…

Unless otherwise linked to, all special recipes this week come from The GF Gourmet Cooks Fast & Healthy by Bette Hagman.  Say, did you know she died last year?  I just found out.  It’s sad.  I hate it when people die. 😦

Monday–Tacos & rice

Tuesday–Stir-Fry Beef with Orange Sauce & rice & snow peas (and those bitty-corn things if I can find them)

Wednesday–I&O (our oldest has reached the age, finally, where his taste buds kick in and he hates McD’s so we have to trade off this week and eat at the only other close GF friendly place, In & Out)

Thursday–Spicy Pineapple Cashew Stir-Fry (although, with me making it, spicy is a relative term)

Friday–Salmon Baked with Sweet Ginger Sauce & rice & corn

Saturday–Rice and Vegetable Casserole


Don’t forget to check out all the other great menu ideas at Aprovechar this week.

Creole Crabmeat Casserole February 3, 2008

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Since a few people have asked for this recipe I thought I’d post it up now that we’ve tested it.  It is originally from Nearly Normal Cooking, etc., and I modified it for what is available where I live.

2-6 oz cans crabmeat
1.5 c. instant, uncooked rice
1/2 onion, chopped (you can put more, I don’t care for onion so I always half the recipe)
1/2 green, orange, red and/or yellow pepper (if you love peppers use the “and” option)
12 oz g-f tomato-based soup
2 TBSP olive oil
2 TBSP Worcestershire sauce
(she called for 1 tsp. Tabasco or other hot sauce as well, but I’m not into hot sauce)
1 tsp salt
15 oz can chopped tomatoes
1 c. shredded cheese (this is optional and she calls for Mozzarella, but I just used what I had on hand)


Preheat oven to 325F.

Combine all ingredients except cheese and place in a greased casserole dish. Cover with foil and bake for 35 minutes. Add shredded cheese and cook, uncovered for an additional five minutes.

Review:  I loved this recipe.  It’s super easy to make and tastes (and smells) absolutely delish.  This one will go into my semi-regular rotation.

Menu Monday January 28, 2008

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Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday

An unexpected side-effect of all this eating in was noted over the weekend in the discovery of the reason why all my pants kept slipping.  Apparently, if you don’t eat half your meals at CFA or McD’s you lose weight.  Who’d’a thunk? 😉 

Another was noted this morning.  If I read all the menus posted at the Monday Menu thing, I may not need to buy any more cookbooks.  The recipes are very tempting.  Aprovechar has a link to a really delicious sounding stir-fry meal.  I’m going to have to try that one next week.  (Oh, and let’s just keep this idea of not buying books between us, eh?  I don’t want to get my husband’s hopes up. hehe)

Speaking of books, this weeks special recipes are taken from Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free Eating.

Monday–Spaghetti & Salad (Gee, isn’t it time for another WF trip yet?  We’re dieing without the Glutino bread.)

Tuesday–Baked Marinated Chicken with Peppers & rice & corn

Wednesday–Leftovers, or possibly cold cereal.  I’m going out with friends and the guys are on their own. 😀

Thursday–Creole Crabmeat Casserole & spinach with a special dessert, Old Fashioned Rice Pudding.


Saturday–Chicken Scaloppini & rice & green bean casserole (which I actually found at GF Mommy via google).


Review: Glutino GF Baguettes January 9, 2008

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Good, really, really, really good.  It was so nice to have baguette again after two years of none.  It’s not as crunchy, of course, as the real thing but it’s nice and tasty.  I suppose if I cook it longer next time it could get slightly crunchy?  Either way, I’m gonna stock up at our next WF trip in February.  All the kids ate it.  Our picky, but carbaholic, eater had half a loaf, I think.

I prepared it by slicing it lengthwise and covering each side thickly with garlic butter made from one part Lawry’s Garlic Spread & two parts margarine.  I cooked it in the toaster oven, which it fits into perfectly, for about 10 minutes at 350.

There are two loaves in a bag so I think the price was pretty good for what you get, which in a family of 6 is one loaf/meal.

Menu Monday January 8, 2008

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I’ve decided, in the tradition of New Year’s oganizational resolutions, to participate in Gluten Free Mommy’s GF Menu Swap each Monday.  Now, my menus are never going to be as fancy as hers so hopefully she’ll have me. 😉  Due to our busy schedule we try to keep things simple around here.  Shoot, Wednesday’s I don’t even have time to cook. 😀 At this point we are free on Friday and Saturday so I try new recipes on those days.

Monday–cheepizza’s. Those would be quesadilla’s to the common man. We like to buy the x-large corn tortillas, add any fillings you like (but my kids will only eat cheese). The adults will have leftovers.

Tuesday–Spaghetti (we like Mrs. Leeper’s Corn Spaghetti best) & meat sauce, green beans, garlic bread (using Glutino’s baguette’s)

Wednesday–McD’s or dinner at church, depending on if they are having dinner at church.  If they are, we will take our own hot dogs.

Thursday–Tacos, corn, rice

Friday–Parmesan Fish (cod, coated with a mix of GF Italian breadcrumbs & Parmesan cheese, “fried” in olive oil), spinach, rice

Saturday–baked pork chops (coated with Kinnikinnick Chicken Coating Mix), on inspiration of this weeks ingredient (I always wondered what to do with a parsnip) I’m going to try Potatoes & Parsnips in Acorn Squash Bowls, I’ll make carrots, though, in case the kids aren’t too keen on it, &, of course, rice.

Sunday–Leftovers & Sandwiches. Maybe even some Tomato Soup from Pacific Foods.