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Menu Monday March 31, 2008

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Gluten Free Menu Swap Monday - Lemons

The ingredient of the week is lemon.  When I shared this info with my eldest the first words I heard were, “Good, we can have salmon.” Followed shortly by, “And lemon smoothies.” 😀  Next to bananas, lemons are the fave fruit around here.  Seriously, the kids eat them raw, sans sucre.

Monday–Salmon w/ Yogurt-Lemon Sauce (modified from this recipe), Peas, Baguette

Tuesday–Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread, Lemon Strawberry Smoothie (modified from this recipe)

Wednesday–McD’s–There was a day when this sounded like a good dinner.  Since I’ve been cooking at home even In-N-Out tastes blech, so McD’s is way down there.

Thursday–Shrimp and Tofu in Lemon Sauce, Stir-Fry Veggies

Friday–Tacos, Corn

Saturday–This weeks “borrowed” recipe is from AprovecharSF, GF Sorta Thai, etc. that I think I’ve made before but maybe I was just imagining ‘cuz the first time I read the recipe it sounded very good and I was very hungry.  It could have been a dream…

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1. Gluten Free Menu Swap- March 31, 2008 : Gluten Free Mommy - March 31, 2008

[…] Gluten Free Dance- Sara is making not one but two recipes with lemon sauce this week. That sounds like a yummy time saver to me! Go check out her dinner plans for the week. […]

2. Sally Parrott Ashbrook - April 1, 2008

My husband would tell you that I never make the same recipe twice, which isn’t true but isn’t entirely a stretch, either. I’m looking at my own recipe now and going, “That does sound tasty, doesn’t it? I should make that again!”

Thanks also for linking to the lemon strawberry smoothie idea–it looks really good. This is the first week of Georgia strawberries this year, and I am SO EXCITED. Because it’s the first batch of the year, they cost an arm and a leg, but I bought some anyway. (It’s suckers like me that keep these prices high.) I’ll be getting them on Thursday in my CSA order.

3. glutenfreesoxfan - April 1, 2008

Go Red Sox! I only saw highlights of the game at the Coliseum – it looked crazy with that short distance out to left field. I’m so glad to get the season underway. I’ll just be happier when they are on the east coast so the games are at a better time.


4. baliazura - April 1, 2008

the menu make me stafen

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