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Review: Baby Mum-Mum–Original Flavor January 28, 2008

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Since we have decided to keep our newest baby completely GF we are not able to give him biter biscuits. All my prior children practically lived on biters when they were teething. Unfortunately, it is apparently not cost effective to make GF biter biscuits. I searched for a while then finally found some information on the posting board at Gluten Free Forum about Baby Mum-Mum.   While, this product is very tasty it’s not a direct substitute for the typical biter biscuit.  The plus (and minus) is that they pretty much melt in the baby’s mouth.  Great for choking problems, not so great for helping out when teething.  However, it really seems the perfect first “finger food” when you are trying to keep your baby GF.  Our baby really likes them and would seem to prefer to make a meal out of them than his normal food.



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2. Dennis - February 8, 2008

Did you know there’s a baby mum mum blog out there?

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