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Review: Glutino GF Baguettes January 9, 2008

Posted by glutenfreedance in Food, Gluten Free, Recipes, Reviews, Shopping.

Good, really, really, really good.  It was so nice to have baguette again after two years of none.  It’s not as crunchy, of course, as the real thing but it’s nice and tasty.  I suppose if I cook it longer next time it could get slightly crunchy?  Either way, I’m gonna stock up at our next WF trip in February.  All the kids ate it.  Our picky, but carbaholic, eater had half a loaf, I think.

I prepared it by slicing it lengthwise and covering each side thickly with garlic butter made from one part Lawry’s Garlic Spread & two parts margarine.  I cooked it in the toaster oven, which it fits into perfectly, for about 10 minutes at 350.

There are two loaves in a bag so I think the price was pretty good for what you get, which in a family of 6 is one loaf/meal.



1. Karen - January 17, 2008

I haven’t seen the Glutino baguettes in the store, but Glutino makes great bagels. Much “sturdier” than normal gluten free bread, so I use them for breakfast and lunch.

2. glutenfreedance - January 17, 2008


We love the bagels too. A woman we met in an aisle at WF told us about them. They really are very good. So far Glutino has been a really big hit in our house.


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