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Review: Cherrybrook Kitchen GF Sugar Cookie Mix December 11, 2007

Posted by glutenfreedance in Celiac Disease, Food, Gluten Free, Reviews.

After his meltdown at Albertson’s Christmas Cookie table this morning, I promised my little Celiac that we’d make up some sugar cookies and use the cutters to make them star shape.  I knew I had this mix in the pantry and hoped it would be like regular sugar cookie dough so we could roll it out and use the cutters.  Unfortunately it was a bit too sticky for rolling so I told him we’d make Christmas balls instead.

After mixing it up I had a taste of the dough and was a bit concerned to find it was the typical GF grainy texture.  That texture does not appear in the baked cookie though.  We all really liked them.  They are not nice and flat like regular sugar cookies, they came out kind of bumpy.  The kids didn’t seem to notice that, especially after they smothered them in Christmas icing & sprinkles (blech!).  I had a plain one (as well, hehe) and definitely think this is a good mix to have around to make some cookies up quick…you know, after your 3yo Celiac melts down in the grocery store ‘cuz he can’t have any of the Christmas cookies. 🙂



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