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Review: Whole Foods GF Bake House Pie Crust December 7, 2007

Posted by glutenfreedance in Celiac Disease, Food, Gluten Free, Reviews, Shopping.

As you can see in my shopping links, we do make a trip to Whole Foods now and then.  It’s about an hour away from our house but near my OB, so when I’m pregnant we go monthly, when I’m not we probably go quarterly.  Now, Whole Foods has it’s own line of GF products that is pretty tasty, not to mention awfully pricey.  If you are ever in a Whole Foods and walk by the freezer section and hear someone muttering a curse about the prices, that’s probably me.  I suppose that’s why I kept rechecking the price for the pie crusts.  Two in a package was, when I bought them, a mere $5.99.  Yeah, yeah, I know that’s pricey too but that’s the way GF food is.  At any rate, I decided it was time for our dear little Celiac to finally get a taste of Pumpkin Pie so I purchased the pack.  I made the pie this past Monday and it was gone by Wednesday morning.  Slow for Pumpkin Pie in our house but, not surprisingly, the kids didn’t like it.  There just wasn’t enough sugar in the pumpkin part, I suppose.  I used organic pumpkin and you could taste more pumpkin than sweet.  My oldest son (the only child in the family who can tell the difference between filling and crust) said he didn’t like the crust at all but both my husband and I were quite pleased with it.  I felt the consistency was at least as good as, or better than, the pie crusts used in commercial pies.  I, myself, haven’t made a pie crust since our son was diagnosed so I have not a huge recollection of what homemade crust should be like, but neither do my children.  If you are new to the GF diet, you may not care for it much, most GF food is definitely an acquired taste.  (Is that correct grammar?)

On the whole (no pun intended) I would give it at least 4.5 stars out of 5.  Being cautious, just in case I come across a better product at some point. ;0)



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